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Item # GA 510
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Paris Theme Scarves
Paris Monuments Scarves
Paris Scarf, Navy Blue Border
49x49 inches square
Navy blue border, red, yellow green, pink
letters. White background.
Paris in print plus Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe
Item # GA 513
Paris Winter Scarf, Black
64 inches  Long and 11 1/2 inches wide
Wool, acrylic blend
Item # GA 711
Paris Eiffel Tower Longchamp Scarf Gold Tones
Exquisite, highest quality silk scarf depicting the most famous Paris icon.
Make your handbag distinctive with this Longchamp scarf.
What a gift for yourself or someone very special who loves Paris.
Item # GA 712
Paris Eiffel Tower Pink and Grey Scarf
Soft , twilled cloth in lovely light grey.
Generous 68" length x 12" width
Item # GA 713
Eiffel Tower In A Gift Box Pink Scarf
Light weight , twilled cloth in bright pink
Generous 70" length x 18" width
Paris Theme Scarves
Paris Pink Eiffel Tower
also comes in cream and white
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Eiffel Towers
Item # GA 714
Paris Winter Scarf, Red
62 inches  Long and 12 inches wide
Wool, acrylic blend
Lovely soft and cozy.
Item GA #733
Paris Eiffel Tower Monuments Scarf
38" x 38"
Great color palette, crea, white, gold,
brown, black, green.
Item GA #734
"Paris, France" Scarf
38" x 38"
Black and White color palette
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